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Okay I’m having too much fun with this idea so here’s even more into this AU.

After then first contact war is over, I think they’ll consider the use of mass relays for short system travel while in the Milky Way galaxy, as a single use of a space bridge uses a lot of energon. They’d probably use Earth as a gateway to Cybertron. Eezo may be effective for the council races but it doesn’t do anything for Cybertronians as their tech is beyond the need. Biotics won’t even develop.

In terms of alt modes most who had been on Earth in earlier centuries won’t update of their automobiles. However many aerial ones will update.

Also in terms of alien relations I think most transformers will consider the organics like they do humans. They may be a bit offended against geth termination but do not agree with their history with quarians.

Quarians may hold animosity at first but upon the first few who were able to have their Pilgrimage to Cybertron and meeting Autobots who provided them basic tech, they warmed up to them, realizing that they weren’t AIs.

Another thing is that the Autobots may have warned the council of rouge Decepticons but they pay as much attention to it like Shepard’s warning of the reapers.

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Never seen this crossover

What if there was a Mass Effect and Transformers crossover.

The multiple universes if TF have been stated that Cybertron is in a different galaxy so I doubt the Citadel Council know of there existence. And if whatever part of humanity is in an alliance with the Autobots l, they would NOT be a force to be reckoned with.

Like if the First Contact War, Earth calls for assistance from the Autobots. The turians will be all like “They’re going to fight us with those jets? Ha! What can the- SPIRITS DID THOSE THINGS JUST TRANSFORM?!?!?!?”

I doubt the council will trust cybertronians cause they may think they’re AIs.

But when the reapers come, they’ll send down Omega Supreme and Metroplex to beat the scrap out of those giant squid-bots!

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